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Grades K-8

HTCA is committed to academic excellence for all our students, rooted in the Gospel Values.
Our academic programs utilize Personalized Learning Strategies in order to meet the unique educational needs of all. Students learn through multiple instructional methods blending traditional teacher-led instruction, peer collaboration and individual learning to help each student realize their maximum potential. Children learn that there are many ways to solve problems. This ensures a more comprehensive grasp of information taught by the teachers and greater success for all.
Our newly created Innovation Lab challenges our students to use their creativity and imagination, propelling them forward in the field of Technology. They experience an environment built around a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) curriculum with focused activities including robotics, coding, design, visual & digital media and engineering.
In addition to Religion, Math, Science, Language Arts and Social Studies, students receive enrichment classes of Spanish, Music, Art and Physical Education.
All this is accomplished in a Christ-centered, Faith-filled environment.
By the time a student graduates from Holy Trinity Catholic Academy, their experience here has prepared them not only for high school, but for their future.