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You must first contact our Admissions Office at 203-929-4422
to check on grade availability BEFORE submitting any paperwork.

Only then are you permitted to begin the Enrollment Process.

Applying to HTCA is easy...just follow these simple steps!

1. Submit our online Application.
     Complete ALL the required information for the student
     and the parent(s) and hit 'submit' at the end.  A separate application
     is needed for each student who is enrolling.  After submitting
     the application(s), please wait until you are contacted by
     the school to proceed.

2. Print, complete & return the following forms to the school:

   a. Emergency Information Form

   b. Health Form - to be completed by your child's physician
                               (print form for your child's age/grade)

   c. Tuition Agreement Form - only one form
is required,
                                                  even if you are enrolling
                                                  more than one child

   d. Bus Opt-out Form - ONLY for Shelton residents in
                                        Kindergarten - 8th grade who
                                        DO NOT require bussing

   e. Release of Student Records - ONLY for transfer students
                                                       entering 1st - 8th grades

3. FACTS Tuition Co. - tuition payments are made through
                                       your checking account or by credit card.
                                       You must set up your account as part
                                       of the enrollment process

4. Submit a copy of your child's BIRTH certificate

5. Submit a copy of your child's BAPTISM certificate (if applicable)

6. Submit the non-refundable enrollment fee of $200 per family by check/cash to the school

A child is considered enrolled at HTCA only when:
     1. ALL required forms have been received
     2. the non-refundable fee has been submitted to the school
     3. FACTS Tuition Account has been set up

Financial Assistance
As per Diocesan Policy, no one is allowed to apply for financial assistance before a child is completely enrolled in school.


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