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Clubs and Activities

Seventh and Eighth Grade students maintaining a 3.90 GPA are invited to apply to the HTCA Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society. Members meet to discuss ways to use their gifts and talents to improve their community.  They plan and organize events that benefit the school, town, or charitable organizations. They represent HTCA in leadership roles within the community.

Student Council

The HTCA Student Council acts as a voice for the student body in communication with the Head of School and is composed of students from all grades. Students are elected to be homeroom reps in Grades 3 – 8.  Leadership roles are open to Middle School students and are voted on by the entire school community.

National Junior Honor Society


Students in Grades 6-8 utilize the technology in our Innovation Lab to create weekly Newscasts for our school community.  


Lessons are available to students wishing to learn or perfect playing an instrument. through the Paul Effman Band Program Lessons are weekly during the school day.


Each year, the Graduating Class has the opportunity to assist in creating our school yearbook, highlighting the past year at HTCA. 

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